Zhejiang Jinyun Sanding Industrial Corp Co., Ltd, located near 330 national highway, is a leading manufacturers in Zhejiang, China. The company employs around 700 employees and covers around 70,000 square meters, with annual revenue up to more than 500 millions RMB. Our featured products include gas appliance parts, cylinder block, lock set and insulator iron caps. Constantly looking for innovation, we strive for perfection and ensure our products’ quality with competitive price.

  • 70000 70000 ㎡
  • 5 5 Billions RMB
  • 700 700 Staffs

  1. Insulator Iron Caps

    l   Annual production capacity: 20,000 ton/year

    l   Production center set at Jiahe, Hunan, the foundry capital in South China.

    l   Products have high mechanical strength, far surpassing peers

    l   Products are dip-hot galvanized with a thick zinc coat, thereby are highly temperature and corrosion resistant

    l   Offer tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements

  2. Gas Appliance Parts

    l   Annual production capacity: 10,000,000 pcs/year

    l   Professional casting technology and severe quality control system

    l   Excellent products quality with appearing appearance, advanced technology, high quality, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance

    l   Environmental friendly and energy saving


  3. Cylinder Block

    l   Products include aluminum alloy cylinder, cast iron cylinder and sleeves.

    l   Equipped with advanced inspection equipment including Coordinate Measuring Machining, Roundness Measuring instrument and so on

    l   Established strategic partnerships relations with HONDA Company and HONDA global purchase center

  4. Lock Set

    l   Annual production capacity is over 12,000,000 sets

    l   Service include designing, developing, manufacturing and assembling products

    l   Major customers include YADEA, LVYUAN, EMMA,XINRI, GIANT and so on

ADDRESS:Wugou Tou Industrial Zone, Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province ; Branch:Tantang Industrial Zone, Jiahe County, Binzhou City, Hunan Province PHONE:+86-578-3171507 MAILBOX: sd@zjsdsy.cn, sandingchina@gmail.com

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